Meet The Maker #1

Pedro Caride

Pedro Caride is a household name in Porto. Over the past 15 years, for having been the face of the best menswear shop in the city, but today, that chapter having been closed, because his is a name in cruising speed in the Marketing area. We've gone behind-the-scenes and met in the now closed Por Vocação shop to find out about what inspires him.
Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
Insights Meet the maker
September 25, 2014 13:03

What is your first memory of being in the Marketing area?

I would say I almost bevelled my way into this area, as my goal was advertising, not Marketing. And before that I wanted to be a cinema director, but my parents convinced me that I should go to university and get a diploma first. So I decided  to go for a course I thought was related, marketing and Advertising. The thought of directing something, touching ideas, making them come to life, producing them, that’s what fascinated me. Within the first two years I realised that Marketing was something that was more seductive to me than advertising. Just because it has a wider scope. What truly draws me to Marketing is that it enables vision, strategy, innovation. If we add creativity and problem solving skills to all this, it becomes relentlessly challenging.  

©Miguel Silva Rocha

Where does your work vision stem from?

That is very clear to me. My work stems from experience, which I have been gathering over the years, and where I am now. Then I go through different stages. There’s a simple work stage, and that, of course, informs what will be charged for it. If I am called to do something in my line of work that calls for simple research, we’re talking lower figures. However, if to this we add strategy, then we’re looking at different figures. That’s where what really thrills me comes into play, something I believe I am good at, which is combining vision, innovation and creativity. That’s where I believe I bring added value to the brands or companies I work with. I think I am good, modesty aside, at ‘thinking’ differentiation strategies. That is how I stand out as a professional and also what drives me. Also, if it just about ‘doing it better’, we’re talking management -  emulating competitors’ strategies or practices, but doing it better. I like being different. And then there’s something else that’s very important to me, which is putting things into practice and all these synergies into place, from photography, to video, architecture or interior design. That’s when all the people I work with, and that are instrumental to the process, come into the picture.

©Miguel Silva Rocha

©Miguel Silva Rocha

What inspires you?

Art! When differentiating means something visual, and frequently when it doesn’t, it’s all about art. That’s why I have been going to the Biennale di Venezia for the past 12 years, I never miss one, because it is fundamental that I don’t. When I do some research, when I am looking for something, I try and think about how Art has dealt with it. It’s about tightening the rope, almost in an unreal way, you go so far you can see the impossible, and then you find middle ground and work from it. Inspiration is always about tightening the rope.

©Miguel Silva Rocha

Do you feel that Porto inspires you?

Yes! First, because of its scale. It is very easy to walk around Porto, it is human that way. You go everywhere on foot, and when you do, you’re surprised with what you find along the way. Then, it’s inspiring, say, going to Rua do Almada. You’re looking for something, the first time around someone tells you it’s not number ‘128’, but at ‘223’ you’re called in and when you do go in, you feel there’s inspiration potential. You look at objects that are just bolts to them, but to you they are key for a shop window or something. The city inspires you, there’s really interesting people here!

©Miguel Silva Rocha

What is a day in your life like?

Unpredictable! Let’s look, for example, at the past few days: yesterday morning I worked on video and I looked at a site I am working on with a client; in the afternoon I had a meeting in Guimarães , where I had a presentation for 30 to 40 people, from different nationalities, from the footwear industry.  Today I’m doing this interview, followed by a meeting about architecture for a very important institution in Porto; in the afternoon I have an interior design architecture project and at the end of the day I’m handling a site, my last task is to look at a stand. All of this has to do with Marketing projects I am in charge of, with several clients, all very different between themselves. And in between all of this I have to comment on a video done on me about a window shop.

©Miguel Silva Rocha

What’s next?

I don’t know. I made a big change a year ago, I decided to close this chapter that was a part of my life for 15 years, the retail business, and this year has been full of surprises.  I’m thinking my path and also allowing for it to set itself. I’ve had no time to get around designing a new website, or getting an updated Facebook account, or seeking out new clients, which on the one hand, is good - they have presented themselves. However, the downside is that I have lost some, because I haven’t had time to accommodate them all. Next for me going somewhat bigger when it comes to my team. I feel that, professionally, that should be the next step. To have a team that can respond to all the clients who are seeking our services, that way I’ll be able to carry on doing my best at all I’m involved in. Everything else will follow!


©Por Vocação

New Balance shop window display of the now closed Por Vocação store, May 2012.