Weekend Musts #5

Ideas for your Cultural Agenda

Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
Insights Weekend Musts
July 10, 2014 13:21

In its own way, a tribute to José Mário Branco

© Eduardo Ferreira 

Spotlight on José Mário Branco at Sala Suggia this weekend. Despite not taking the stage, a mix of artist from different backgrounds, from JP Simões,  Miguel Pedro, António Rafael from Mão Morta, to Chullage, among others, will be presenting their take on his best themes. Tribute-like  and in an interventive format,  much like the musician’s work, Rui Portalez conducts ‘...De Certa Maneira, um Concerto para José Mário Branco’. This Friday, June 20th, 21:30, at Casa da Música.


THE + Wrong Weather present VAVA

© André Brito, Kathrin Kuhn

Saturday, June 21st, from 15:00 to 19:00, Wrong Weather, reputed menswear store, and in partnership with reckoned womenswear store THE Design is presenting the new eyewear brand VAVA. Simultaneously, there’s ‘Re-Envision’ by Boris Chimp 504,  an interactive installation the brand has commissioned, followed by an audiovisual live-act. VAVA’s motto champions the return to essentials both in design and quality, which they believe truly represent fashion at a time when fashion-imagery is everywhere.


Party Saturday

© Moderna, Hendrick's Unsual Night, Moullinex                           

Saturday, June 21st, ‘D’ day. Three events, three different locations. We’re certainly spoiled for choice. Boavista will be double the fun: at  Casa da Música, 15:00, there’s eletronic partying with Dj set by Rui Vargas and Rui Trintaeum, followed by Moullinex Live, 22:00, at the bar terrace, and  then, at Casa Allen, 23:00, we have ‘Unusual Night’, promoted by Hendrick’s. In the city centre, second edition of ‘Moderna’ at 23:45, at Passos Manuel, with sets by Florian Kupfer and IVVVO. Made up your mind already?