In The Spotlight #5

Review of the week

Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
Insights In the Spotlight
September 12, 2014 09:48

Marques’Almeida - London Collections: Men

© Phiplip Trengove, Tia Simon-Campbell

Recent finalists at the LVMH Prize, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida presented last Monday, the 16th, their Men Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in London. The presentation was part of young talent platform Fashion East, already a benchmark when it comes to promoting emergent young designers and their creativity. Because male fans relentlessly harassed them to create pieces that would accommodate them, the duo from Porto showcased their menswear line, spotlight on, as always, denim, now an extent from their womenswear main line.


Acrobatic - 10th edition

© Porto Fashion Makers Team, Acrobatic

Acrobatic, contest that promotes new talent for Portuguese Fashion, blew 10 candles on its birthday cake last Saturday, the 14th.  This year’s overall winner was ‘Indigo’, a project that snatched both ‘Best Collection’ and ‘People’s Choice’ awards. ‘No Signal’ took home ‘THE’ award, ‘Thorough Perceptions’ ‘Best Women’s Ensemble’ and ‘Interralations of Contrast ’Best Men’s Ensemble’. Besides the usual catwalk show showcasing this year’s candidates, the event hosted a show of pieces by previous winners, such as Daniela Barros and Luís Carvalho.


Dutch factory hosts Portuguese facade

© Ana Rita Ramos

Ana Rita Ramos, Porto interior designer from ESAD will have her illustration printed on a factory wall in the Netherlands. ‘There is a Factory’ is the award winning project she submitted to Euramax Competition, a partnership with Archello, online platform for architecture and design. Ana Rita sought inspiration in characteristic elements of the Dutch landscape and created a postcardlike illustration.  Alongside a wall of trees and by the motorway connecting the Netherlands to their neighbouring country, Germany, the wall showcasing this project will both welcome and produce souvenir material for passers-by. Ana takes it further and reminds them that behind the colourful wall there is a factory at work. Coming this October - we’re looking forward to it.