Weekend Musts #6

Ideas for your Cultural Agenda

Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
Insights Weekend Musts
August 19, 2014 16:53

Japanese Supper- Club

© Nambam Oporto Kitchen

Namban Oporto Kitchen - dual nationality. Miguel Cunha, Portuguese, and Sako Arao, Japanese, are the hosts at the traditional Japanese food supper-club that has been the talk of the town. In an intimate atmosphere, Sako and Miguel prepare a menu that does not include a sushi buffet, but a tasting menu that is carefully planned, having seasonal availability of ingredients in mind. This month sees menu number two, and tomorrow, the 27th, it invites you to taste octopus with green Japanese sauce, ‘Karaage’ (chicken fry) and ‘lemon drizzle’ cake, served with homemade green tea ice cream, among other dishes. Reservation is mandatory.


Thuggie 2.0 at Maus Hábitos

© Luís Moreira

The pyjamas glitter party featuring Youtube playlists makes a comeback this Saturday, the 28th, but this time at Maus Hábitos. Set to start at 23:00, Thug Unicorn is, and has been for two years now, the party where dancing to unpretentious music is absolutely mandatory and that is all about internet subversion and pop culture media exposure. From the r’n’b tune we only hear when dancing in front of our computer with our girlfriends to the coolest electronic music, the Thug Unicorn makes Tumblr’s feed page, where the rainbow, gold-chains and long hair are the party, real. Normally over- overcrowded, the free-spirited, hair-in-the-wind chick’s party has tickets on sale at Matéria Prima.


'Neighbouring Sounds'

© Porto/Post/Doc, Som ao Redor             

The fourth session of the ‘Há filmes na Baixa’ cycle happens this Sunday, the 29th, at 21:30, with the film ‘O Som ao Redor’. An initiative of  Porto/Post/Doc, Porto’s new documentary festival, it is on every Sunday in Passos Manuel right until December, when the festival’s first edition will take place.  This Sunday it is showing a film by Kleber Mendonça Filho, already distinguished in several cinema festivals: CPH:PIX, Rio de Janeiro and Rotterdam, among others. The story takes us to an apartment building in Recife and into the lives of those living in it. ‘O Som ao Redor’ reports on everyday life in Brazil, and is an insight on history, violence and noise. Don’t miss out!