Weekend Musts #8

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Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
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July 31, 2014 15:39

God Save the Portuguese Fanzines

© Júlio Dolbeth

Curated by Paula Guerra, Júlio Dolbeth and Pedro Quintela, the exhibit focusing on Portuguese fanzines had its opening night yesterday, July 9, at illustration gallery Dama Aflita. It is one among several initiatives part of the  ‘Keep it simple, Make it fast! Underground music scene and DIY cultures’ conference, held from July 9 to July 11 in different spots in the city, such as Faculdade de Belas Artes and Casa da Música. God Save the Portuguese Fanzines, can be seen at Dama Aflita until June 20, but why not have a look at it this weekend already?


Supper Club Mania

© Coração Alecrim, Filipa Alves, Namban Oporto Kitchen

Porto is hyped about its supper clubs – old news now. This weekend there are three in store - Namban Oporto Kitchen, already featured by us here, ‘Os Pratos em Volta’ and  ‘Jantares da Lua’. They all have the same core concept: to gather strangers in events where common ground is food and a shared table. The first one, of Japanese essence, is to be held on July 11. ‘Os Pratos em Volta’ returns after nine months missing in action, and S.P.O.T will, once again, exercise its immense talent for bringing back to life, by force of a temporary makeover, spaces in the city that have been forgotten. Those who are interested are invited to put their names down for dinner at an undisclosed place with a surprise menu – both revealed by text on the day of the event. ‘Jantares da Lua’ sees its second edition this Saturday. July 12. Held by Coração Alecrim at its magnificent garden, the menu will be put together by Hugo Dunkel, co-founder of Glote’s biweekly talks and kitchen enthusiast. The only thing is that all these events have limited seating and booking ahead is mandatory - there may still be seats available though, give it a shot. Our tip is for you to keep an eye on feeds, praying for following editions.


‘Mapeamento, Memória, Política’

© Luís Palma

Luís Palma’s photography exhibit, ‘Mapeamento, Memória, Política’ has its opening night down for July 10, at Galeria da Fundação EDP. The work presented, on until October 19, ‘thinks’ issues such as the importance of the ‘remembered’ object and the relationship between politics and landscape. The project features photos, photos within light boxes and videos that are an essay and a reflection on individual and collective memory of society and the world. Among many other awards and exhibits, Luís Palma has published ‘Territorialidade’, a book that has been selected by PhotoEspaña as ‘Best Book of the Year’.