In The Spotlight #9

Review of the week

Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
Insights In the Spotlight
September 18, 2014 15:24

180 Creative Camp in Abrantes

© Bárbara Raquel Moreira, Canal 180

Canal 180 is on a roll, and this time it is raiding the city of Abrantes with its 180 Creative Camp, an annual collaboration event in the media arts area. Hostilities broke out last Sunday, June 13, by the hand of artists from diverse areas in multimedia, and this year’s edition of ‘The Power of Storytelling’ is proving to be a resounding success. These first five days (the event comes to an end Sunday, June 20) have seen urban interventions, video creations, masterclasses, workshops and, obviously, concerts. Congrats to Canal 180 on yet another initiative!


Scoop International in London

© Carla Pontes, Teresa Abrunhosa, Susana Bettencourt, Daniela Barros

National fashion brands are still touring the international fairs circuit, this time with London for a stage. There are six Portuguese brands in the spotlight:  new national young designers Carla Pontes, Daniela Barros, João Melo Costa, Teresa Abrunhosa and Susana Bettencourt  are joined by TM Collection, a womenswear and homedesign brand. National brands are, once again, presenting their Spring/Summer 2015 collections to shopping agents and industry distributors. Happy sales!


Merooficina gets merit award

© Serralves, Merooficina, Telma da Cunha Ferreira, Laurindo Marta

© Serralves, Merooficina

Following another POPs edition in Serralves, the DOURO box was distinguished with an award in the decoration objects category. The award went to ‘Mero Caixa’, a project by architects Catarina Ribeiro and Vitório Leite of Mero Oficina studio. A ‘Mero Caixa’ is a basket that becomes a geometrical decoration piece, and the DOURO box, contains a portwine bottle and morphs into a ‘rabelo’ boat. On sale at Serralves’s shop is the "Mero NATAL box" - turns itself into a christmas tree and contains a douro wine bottle, portuguese cheese and two homemade jams. Among the remaining awardees are Telma da Cunha Ferreira’s personal accessories and Laurindo Marta’s shelf.