Weekend Musts #14

Ideas for your Cultural Agenda

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December 04, 2014 14:47

Porto/Post/Doc - First International Festival of Documentary

© Studio Dobra and Público

4 - 5 Dec.  | @ Different places in Porto | 15h - 18h

This Thursday, Porto will host the First International Festival of Documentary in which we'll find meetings, concerts and conversations with several experts in the field.


Flanzine @ LOCAL

© Ana Maria - P3 and Flanzine

6 Dec.  | @ LOCAL [Rua Alvares Cabral nº263 ] | 19 - 23h

With FOME (hunger) as the theme, the Flanzine decided to organize a dinner-launch in LOCAL with the chefs Rogério Nuno Costa and Hugo Dunkel.


D3dicated to IDIOT Mag 

6 - 7 Dec.  | @ Dedicated Store | Silo Auto | Armazém do Chá | 16h - 06h

The IDIOT Mag went from the internet to paper and this weekend will bring the party to their readers in three locations of Porto.