Weekend Musts #16

Ideas for your Cultural Agenda

Text by Porto Fashion Makers Team
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December 18, 2014 15:31

Estelita Dj Set @ Maus Hábitos

© Mariana Lage, Maus Hábitos and João Pedro Estelita Mendonça

19 Dec.  | @ Maus Hábitos [ Rua Passos Manuel nº 17 ] | 23.30h

To start in the best way the weekend, don't miss the Estelita's Dj set of that unites fashion and music in one essence.


NOS Club @ Casa da Música

© Casa da Música and The Legendary Tiger Man

20 Dec. | @ Casa da Música [ Avenida da Boavista nº 604 - 610 ] | 22.30h

The several Casa da Música's halls will be filled with music provided by the NOS Club, event in which many Dj's will turn music and also will feature the presence of The Legendary Tiger Man.


Bazar dos Doze @ CRU

© beija-flor and CRU - Co-Work

12 -24 Dec.  | @ CRU - Co-Work [ Rua do Rosário nº 211 ] | 10 - 17h

Still walking around because of  the Christmas presents? CRU organized a Christmas bazaar running until day 24 and where you'll without a doubt find beautiful and economic gifts for your friends.