The city’s most creative moment

Cultural and artistic movements heading towards Porto

Text by Eliana Macedo - PFM Team
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March 30, 2016 22:17

Both because of its fiery culture and its strong creative community, Porto is becoming more and more sought after as a stage for cultural and artistic experimentation. Home to important references in art, design, fashion, architecture and other creative fields, Porto is internationally reputed for embracing tradition with a contemporary and globalising outlook.

In the video ‘Porto Downtown’, Jorge Lopes, executive director at Time Out Porto, speaks of what is ‘the city’s most creative moment, the one that holds most possibilities’, the moment in which we realise that ‘anything can happen’. He describes this time of intense creativity as a one of a kind moment, a moment when people, motivation, spaces and bureaucratic bodies are aligned. 


When all these elements come together, there is a substantial increase in creative movements towards Porto.


 Nos Primavera Sound and Vogue US © Paulo Pimenta and Mario Testino


Often highlighted in important international publications such as Wallpaper, Monocle and Vogue for its urban experiences and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Porto is hailed as a creative, trendy, cool and authentic city.

Nominated as Europe’s most emergent destiny and the world’s third most emergent city by TripAdvisor’s users, in 2015 Porto registered over 3 million overnight stays by foreign visitors. But what attracts an increasing number of visitors?


Porto is a city with a nostalgic and mysterious feel, every nook and corner holding a surprise. It is vibrant, intimate and constantly changing.


Shops, galleries, restaurants and clubs colour it new, it is overflowing with life and secrets unveiled. These ‘secrets’ were key in Porto having been chosen as the ideal location to hold the promotion event of the Parfois 2016 Spring-Summer collection. 


 Parfois 5th Essence Event © Parfois


For five days, 45 fashion bloggers from 15 countries were invited by Parfois 5th Essence to experience the city. These experiences included a tram ride in the city centre, a sunset at Vitória Belvedere and lunch at Parque da Cidade.

French multinational UR Lab also chose Porto as a meeting point for their creative team. Over two days of intense work new ideas were discussed at Opo’Lab, the team visited iconic cultural spots such as  Casa da Música and Serralves and met some of the talents and creative projects of the city among which were Porto Fashion Makers, Fahr0213, Canal 180 and Still Urban Design.


Gradually, other important events such as Primavera Sound and Festival OFFF Porto attract an ever more faithful and ever more international audience.


Porto Post Doc and OFFF Porto © André Puertas Oliveira and Renato Cruz Santos


If you haven’t yet, now is the time to visit Porto. This is a unique opportunity to feel a sizzling creative community at a moment it exudes inspiration, creation and innovation.