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Insights On the Radar
September 22, 2016 22:53


Coração Alecrim

© Coração Alecrim

A project about the love for people, the planet and all the beautiful things. Filipa and Rita are inspired by what is sustainable, handmade and local products.


© Brick

The large common table at the center and the prepared meals with fresh and tasty ingredients make Brick the perfect place for a casual dinner with friends.


© Arminho

João and Raquel are the responsible for this handmade creative design studio focus on letterpress stationery and living goods.

Saber Fazer

© Saber Fazer

Saber Fazer in an initiative devoted to the study of artisanal and semi-industrial production techniques in Portugal.

Madre Loves Objects

© Madre Loves Objects

By communicating with ceramics, metal and kindness, these graphic designers aim to create meaningful objects.


© Local

This eating design studio wants to reflect about the act of eating, with the belief that design, next to the obstervation of nature, can create cultural answers to sustain life and the human behave.

Wanderlust Coffee Lab

© Wanderlust Coffee Lab

In the Wanderlust Coffee Lab, the only coffee allowed is with filter, beans and no rush to be consumed. This place, in Matosinhos Market, has also a gallery and a kiosk.