5 Bands to listen

In the Spotlight

Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
Insights In the Spotlight
November 30, 2016 11:49


White Haus

© Bons Sons

Without ever putting aside the musical sight, João Vieira announces a new project called White Haus that electrify us with an intense mix of genres.



© Moullinex

Moullinex, alter ego of Luís Clara Gomes, immerses in a musical experience where he works with various genres and contexts in search of music that is made to be listened, but also danced.


Sensible Soccers

© Neo Pop Festival

With influences from the world, Sensible Soccers is a mandatory band on this list because of its minimal and soft music punctuated with rhythm and intensity.


Black Bombaim

© Amplifica Som

With an electrifying and psychedelic sound that touchs in rock, Black Bombaim makes our wildest side come out.


Coelho Radioactivo

© Coelho Radioactivo

From Architecture to Fine Arts, João Sarnadas became the Coelho Radioactivo at age 16, which despite being a precose project, lives around softness in music.