Bye Bye 2016!

Text by Eliana Macedo - PFM Team
Insights Think Piece
December 29, 2016 12:07

Towards the end of a cycle it is inevitable to take stock, which is why this last think piece got the Porto Fashion Makers’ team to sit down and revisit Porto’s 2016 milestone moments.

This year, growth and evolution were keywords. We work closely with an emergent community of designers and brands, and, as always, we were all about promoting a city sizzling with talent and new ideas. We put out our second PFM Map, broadened our makers network, identified new trends and creative movements. Having celebrated our second anniversary, our drive, just like in 2014, when PFM was launched, is to elevate Porto and the northern region of Portugal to an international fashion and creativity reference. And there have been plenty more reasons to celebrate this year, these being the best examples of a long list:



AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association launched its first big international campaign for the Portuguese Jewellery – Shaped with Love brand, featuring the actress Milla Jovovich. Expectations are sky high for the Portuguese jewellery industry, which, since 2008, has known a growth of 500% in exports.


© Milla Jovovich para Vogue Portugal


Porto has never seen such a boom in the jewellery design area – we have lost track of the brands that have been launched over the past year. And proof of this is the opening of the pop-up store 8x8 in Galerias Lumiére, which promotes eight of the brands we believe to be a must.


© 8x8


Early Made opened quite recently in Rua do Rosário, it is a concept store oozing an industrial atmosphere with distinctive traits of Nordic inspiration. On offer is a curatorship of clothing items, books, magazines, vintage and author furniture, all of them ‘made in Portugal’.  Early 2017, the multidisciplinary space will host a programme of short term artist residencies.


© Early Made 


It opened in Avenida dos Aliados in December 2015, but we believe Daily Day became an important reference this past year. The concept store focuses in promoting emerging Portuguese brands and curates fashion, new ideas, performances and cultural experiences.


© Daily Day


If the chimney made of soaps by Joana Astolfi created quite a buzz, we can hardly wait for everything new in Claus Porto, which opened recently. Together with colourful soaps and fragrances that take us on a sensorial journey to the European Belle Époque, in 2017 the brand is taking us back to its roots and opening a museum in the store.


© Claus Porto


Art and Design

Casa do Design opened in June in the renewed Matosinhos City Hall  car park with the exhibit DTT - Desire, Tension, Transition – Portuguese Paths of Design. Putting forward the ‘very best of’ design and architecture in Portugal, its programme is the fruit of an ongoing partnership between ESAD Idea and the city of  Matosinhos.


© Casa do Design


The historic Cinema Trindade reopened in November, with the aim of, once again, having a cinema showing films, daily, in the very centre of Porto. Discounts, as well as other perks will be made available from January 1st with the Tripass, a card that can be used at Cinema Trindade, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli and Campo Alegre and at  Passos Manuel.


© Cartão Tripass


Serralves is hosting the exhibition “Joan Miró: Materiality and Metamorphosis” which comprises a unique collection of around 80 works covering a six-decade period (1924 – 1981) in the Catalan artist’s career, focusing on his artistic metamorphoses across the mediums of drawing, painting, collage and tapestry.


© Serralves


The 500m2 that the façade of Teatro Carlos Alberto comprises have been given a new breath of life with the intervention of the plastic artist Martinha Maia. Revealed in September, the black and white ‘energy cloud’ is a reflection of the restlessness intrinsic to artists and the theatrical arts, and is a tribute to the history and culture of the city.


© TeCA


The Batalha area will benefit from a new dynamic with the opening of District – Offices and Lifestyle. Located in a historic 18th century building, the 6000 m2 business and leisure meeting point will promote new ideas, projects and artistic and creative movements. The official opening ceremony should take place in early 2017.


© District



At 501 in Rua do Almada, there are flavours inspired by Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean to be enjoyed, all of them featuring selected local produce. On the side, great wines and manufactured design pieces from all over the world. Mondo Deli opened in early 2016, but it is already a gastronomic reference in Porto.


© Mondo Deli


Located in Rua de Miguel Bombarda, the newly opened Oficina combines art and food in a sophisticated, intimate space. Fernando Santo’s (the first gallery owner in the Art District) new venture relies on the creativity of Chef Marco Gomes, on the interior design by Paulo Lobo and on works by artists such as Pedro Cabrita Reis, Felipe Marques and Jorge Perianes. ‘Fuck art, let’s eat!’.  



© Oficina



At Largo de S. Domingos, a gigantic 19th century iron warehouse was given a new life and became a new local lodging space where concrete, iron and wood are set against soft interior design traits. At Armazém Luxury Housing, emotions become unique stories and experiences that will endure time are built.


© Armazém


One of our favourite lodging spaces in the city, Malmerendas Boutique Lodging is perfect for a personalised experience that keeps up with the rhythm of an urban city like Porto.  Authentic, this is a place where people, gastronomy, art and design meet, and it couples the comfort and sophistication of a boutique hotel and the simplicity of a homely atmosphere to perfection.


© Malmerendas


Porto Fashion Makers is a reference platform that promotes fashion, design and lifestyle in Porto and Northern Portugal. Mindful of the changes the city is undergoing, we feel uneasy about the extinction of traditional shops and brands, only to have them replaced by projects that misrepresent the essence of our city. Talents, businesses and projects that are part of our platform share not only their innovative, creative and contemporary character, but also the authenticity that makes us unique.

We bid farewell to 20116 in the hope that in 2017 the city carries on reinventing itself and that it finds a balance between local and global, between its cosmopolitan vibe and the nostalgia that defines it.

Happy 2017!