5 barbershops in Porto

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
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February 09, 2017 09:23

Barbearia Tinoco / Oficina do Cabelo

© Marco Duarte

Barbaria Tinoco, now known as Oficina do Cabelo, is called the oldest barbershop in Porto, been born in 1929! Even the space is part of Porto's heritage, keeping intact the atmosphere of the 1920s in the decoration.


Barbearia Porto

© Visão

From 1946 giving a good look to Porto’s men, Barbearia Porto renewed its space and concept, and is now also a place where you can drink a good beer, get tattoos or even smoke a Cuban cigar.


Le Beard

© Le Beard

From a more recent generation, Le Beard worries about the well-being of its customers wherever they are, to the point of having an online store full of products that will highlight the best of your look.


Barbas Shop

© Barbas Shop

In a mix between vintage and modern, we also find in Porto the Barbas Shop, with specialized techniques and a relaxed atmosphere appropriate to a men's hang out. They deserve it!

Be the Boss Barber Shop

© Be The Boss Barber Shop

New year, new look. Be the Boss Barber Shop reopened this year with a new look and hands-on to offer a new cut to its customers.