5 coffee shops where to enjoy a good coffee

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
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February 20, 2017 10:54


© Nelson Garrido

Filled with an intimate atmosphere, Candelabro was born of an old bookstore, keeping its interior intact and becoming an ambiguous space where the cafe / bar mixes with the function of a bookstore itself.


Combi Coffee Truck

© Combi Coffee Truck

Sometimes the routine gives us no time to sit and relax, but nothing keep you from enjoying a good coffee in the Combi Coffee Truck. You just have to be lucky to meet them in Porto streets.




Spirito's spirit is back to Porto, bringing with it a selection of hot and cold drinks that will fill all the measures, whether you like coffee or not!



© Mafaldas

Within the Mercado de Matosinhos, you find a place of mandatory passage, Mafalda's, where you will be delighted with a coffee accompanied by one of their homemade cakes.

Noémia da Costa Pinto

© Noémia da Costa Pinto

On Baixa, there is also Noémia da Costa Pinto, which lives with a vintage decoration around natural lighting, perfect also to combine work with the pleasure of coffee.