5 places where to drink craft beer

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM team
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March 02, 2017 09:35


© Delas

In Cedofeita, we find Catraio, and no, we aren’t talking about an annoying kid, we speak of a Craft Beer Shop with a cozy atmosphere where you will find craft beer exclusively from our country.


A Fábrica da Picaria

© Evasões

Fábrica da Picaria isn’t only a place to enjoy the best beer, but it’s also a place where beer is made around several personalities, from the strongest to the softest. Beyond that you will always find new limited editions and new flavors!


Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense

© Porto.pt

Like the previous location, Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense is a bar, restaurant and shop, but it’s also a place of study and creation of new flavors with the beer in the admired pedestal.



© Lares y Mares

As well as being an irresistible tapas restaurant, Aduela is also a meeting place around talk, friends and craft beer. Not to mention its esplanade, perfect for these days that start to get longer and warmer.


Pausa Bar

© José Crispim

Yes, sometimes we need a break (pausa in portuguese), and who’s better to understand this than the Pausa Bar! In an English-pub-style space, we find a long list of beers from around the world, perfect for whatever mood you feel in the moment.



© Sovina

We finish this insight with a brand of craft beer produced and sold in Porto, Sovina, even in the places previously mentioned. Take advantage of this weekend to try it out!