States of Mind

Stemming from both the past and the future

Text by Eliana Macedo - PFM Team
Insights Think Piece
February 23, 2017 14:03

The world around us is constantly changing. Reactionary by definition, the fashion industry is trying to keep up and effectively adjust to changes. Porto Fashion Makers’ insights have been highly diverse and have approached contents that reflect how important we believe what lies ahead is.

The emergence of the experience economy, the potential in virtual reality, crowdfunding, co-creation and the gradual disappearance of trend cycles, seasons and collections are just a few examples of the matters that have garnered our attention.   

This month, in the course of Porto Fashion Week, we visited Modtissimo with the intent of forming a clearer picture of WGSN’s - the world’s leading trend agency - insight for the 2018 Spring/Summer.

‘States of Mind’ is the mood underlying the four main consumer inspirations which will be dictating new fashion and lifestyle trends.

In its last report, the international agency explores the importance identity and originality have today, focusing on the progressive disappearance of gender, age, and geographical boundaries. We would now like to share with you the ‘moods’ - stemming from both the past and the future, what is real and virtual- that will shape the future of consumption in Portugal and the world.


Slow Futures

Slow Futures is a trend that takes you back in order to help you move forward. The notion of novelty loses relevance in favour of the importance of memory. We refuse excess and consume less. We seek honest products, with a strong personality and authentic finishings. Time, scarce because we lead hectic lives, gains importance and is seen as a new luxury. Happiness is found when we slow down, and inspiration can stem from moments of boredom.

Nature meets technology - the result is raw minimalism.

© Coração Alecrim, La Paz and Nuno Pimenta

Colour palette: neutral, sandy and mineral tones; oxidised colours and soft metallics.

Materials: basic, soft, authentic finishings.

Shapes: structural volumes, statement shoulders, wide sleeves; inspiration comes from brutalist architecture and survival sci-fi (Mad Max).



Connectivity and its evolution, be it in real or virtual communities, is resulting in the emergence of a sense of belonging and sharing. Kinship is a trend all about diversity, the need to belong, the return to our roots(o uso da palavra tribes não resulta). Social and cultural boundaries are broken; ideas are expressed without limitations and shared worldwide.

There are less selfies and more experiences.

Storytelling gains momentum, it becomes a need to connect consumers on an emotional level around a story, a manifest, an origin and meaning behind each product or project.

© Estelita Mendonça, Gur and Reality Studio

Colour palette: yellows, oranges and exotic pinks, no dark tones.

Materials: rustic, artisanal, cultural and tribal inspiration.

Shapes: rough, rugged and detailed, they exude male romanticism. 



Inspiration taken from experience economy, Psychotropical narrows the boundaries between digital and virtual to offer consumers a sense of nature-inspired escapism.

Exuberant botanical and tropical themes are reinvented through a psychedelic and digital aesthetic language.

The experience brands can provide has never been more valued and on demand. Virtual reality allows for the contact with new and fascinating sensory worlds progressively perfected through design, in order to heighten our sense of belonging to this tridimensional world.  *

© Olga Noronha, Marshmallow Feast, Fahr0213

Colour palette: tropical, vibrant greens and blues, neons.

Materials: plastic textures, organic but futuristic looking; hallucinogenic digital patterns.

Shapes:  sophisticated looks with synthetic quality. 


Youth Tonic 

This new trends’ starting point is a youth tonic;

its manifesto is that being young is a state of mind.

The strong sense of individuality and creativity introduce us to a world in which originality and discovery are thought of as the new currency for exclusivity. Youth Tonic takes to art, virtual reality, the 80’s and 90’s rave spirit and the Korean K-pop to find its retro-technological aesthetic energy.

© Thug Unicorn, Vogue Nocturama and Bottega Veneta

Colour palette: eclectic pastels, effervescent green, electric violet.

Materials: smart materials, nylon, denim, velour.

Shapes: ungender, oversized, functional details.


At a time for reinvention and transformation, the role consumption, consumers, design and brands play is endlessly redefined. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we are aware of everything going on around us. To shut down from what is virtual, to connect to it in search of new realities. The only rule in this new phase of strong indefinition and strong contrasts is that of the paradox.