5 bike shops in Porto

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
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March 16, 2017 10:11

Velo Culture

© Velo Culture

With stores in Matosinhos and Porto, Velo Culture gives the perfect excuse to be surrounded by the best bikes in the market and start riding in the city.


Urban Cycle & Café

© Easy Cycle

For some, it isn't just about cycling, but also about enjoying the bikes with attention and care! If you feel the same, then the Urban Cycle & Café is a mandatory place for you, because it adds the coffee to this love story.


Velo Invicta Capas Peneda

© Walldog

Already before being cool to ride a bike around the city, in 1944 was born the Velo Invicta Capas Peneda, that still today shows how dedication and tradition are also fundamental parts to a good bike.


Mercado 48

© Chegar a Bom Porto

If the case is to stand out in the city with a peculiar and exclusive bike, you have to visit Mercado 48, and we’re sure that you won't leave the store just with a wood bicycle in your hands!



© Velurb

If you are visiting Porto, there are several shops where you can rent bikes, like Velurb. You just have to choose the bike you like the best and start cycling around the city! Suggestion: Why not go across the Rio Douro till Foz? Besides being incredibly beautiful, it has the advantage of being a flat area in such a tumultuous city like Porto!