5 illustrators from Porto to know

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
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March 23, 2017 09:55

Daniel Moreira

© Daniel Moreira

Addressing themes such as the memory and the connection with a parallel reality around the landscape, Daniel Moreira takes us to a moment of meditation and reflection throughout his work.


Joana Estrela

© Joana Estrela

Now in a more comic book dialogue, Joana Estrela creates illustrations around comic stories narratives that enchant us!


Rui Ricardo

© Rui Ricardo

Having worked for renowned publications such as The Times, Rui Ricardo delights us with illustrations with soft colors and structured drawings with an architectural tone. And, of course, often inspired by our city!


Mariana Malhão

© Mariana Malhão

Who said that an alphabet can not be an inspiration? Mariana Malhão shows how the simple A B C doesn't have to be just letters, but rather be part of an illustrated narrative!


Rui Vitorino Santos

© Rui Vitorino Santos

Last but not least, Rui Vitorino Santos plays and has fun by illustrating his imaginary of the world, where through indirects and directs, refers to vernacular aspects, stories and chicklit.