5 places to enjoy the night

On the Radar

Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
Insights On the Radar
April 07, 2017 10:17

Passos Manuel

© FCPorto

Passos Manuel is a place dedicated to alternative sounds! Not only you will find good music and interesting events, but also the most alternative and cool people in the city related to art, music and literature.


Café au Lait

© Dinis Santos

Café au Lait comes from the French and means coffee involved with milk. But in this Café au Lait, the culture is involved with good music and a contagious atmosphere, right in the heart of the Galeria de Paris.


Plano B

© Ricardo Almeida

When plan A fails, don't worry, you always have the Plano B (plan B), which will surely result in a very good night in one of the coolest ambiences in the city, with a concert stage and a lounge area!


Pérola Negra

© Paulo Pimenta

Who doesn't know the Pérola Negra? Malice aside, Pérola Negra has a new face and a total new purpose (or at least different), to liven up your nights with good music and reputable DJs!


Maus Hábitos

© Espalha-Factos

Could we finish this article without talking about Maus Hábitos? No, because besides having a very appetizing restaurant, it's also a cultural intervention space allied with concerts picked carefully, that will make you unstoppable the night away. If you have doubts, search their agenda!