5 Outdoor Spaces To Enjoy The Good Weather

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Text by Ana Ramos - PFM Team
Insights On the Radar
April 13, 2017 08:42

Parque da Cidade

© Porto.

Can we call the Parque da Cidade of "the Porto's lung"? Yes, because it's undoubtedly a space dedicated to the nature right in the center of our city, perfect for relaxing and even picnicking on these hot days! Besides we have the beach so close that maybe we can even take a dip!


Jardim Botânico

© Doitri

Around Campo Alegre, we find the Jardim Botânico do Porto, which not only enchants us with its small greenhouses, but also for its architectural monumentality, in a perfect balance between architecture and nature.


Passeio Alegre

© Porto24

Waling around the river banks of Rio Douro is also a great option. We give as a suggestion the area of Passeio Alegre, not only for its simultaneous perfume of sea and river, but also for its majestic palms that transport us to a movie scene in LA.


Cais da Ribeira

© Viaje Comigo

Still along the margins of Rio Douro, we find the Cais da Ribeira, nearby D. Luís, where bars and terraces mix with the incredible landscape of our beloved river crossed by its numerous bridges. Perfect for late afternoon!


Base Porto

© Scoopnest

Already right in the heart of Porto, we found the Base Porto, a place that years ago surprised everyone by being a garden well suited to the city environment and by suddenly changing our habits routinely. Now we leave work and go to the garden right next to the office!