Águas Furtadas

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  • Cedofeita

    Rua Miguel Bombarda, n.258 - Loja 4, Porto - Portugal


Walking into Águas Furtadas means setting foot into a world of colour and national tradition symbology. This world is, however, everything but traditional. Here traditions are reinterpreted and reinvented, and this space, located in the heart of Porto’s Art District, stands out for this very reason. It all goes back to the iconic Galo de Barcelos and the makeover it underwent, becoming colourfully pop, adopting a refreshingly minimalist look, and having become the shop’s hallmark.

Its aim is to transform Portuguese tradition, its craftmanship and symbols into contemporary objects of desire. Besides its collection, the shop harbours and continuously seeks products that also answer this calling and represent an evolution from national traditions. Brands such as Azul Caramelo, Portuguesa, Tiles in Town, Rosa Malva, illustrators  Benedita and Leonor Feijó, as well as reputed Bordalo Pinheiro call it home too. About and in Portugal, Aguas Furtadas is undoubtedly spreading the word and helping national going international.