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    Travessa do Covelo, nº 203 - Sala 8 4200-243 Porto, Portugal


He could have chosen a different name. Perhaps a more creative, more fun one, or even more irreverent and provocative. But several meaningful factors came together for the photographer Aloísio Brito when naming his studio M23. Not only is 23 his lucky number, but he finds that the letter M encapsulates all that is dear to him. ‘M’ stands for ‘Moda’ (Fashion in Portuguese),   for ‘Magina’ (his father’s family name) for Mel, his lovely female dog. M23 means that the fashion photographer has his own studio, where, on a daily basis, he meets his clients’ needs.   

Fashion, portraits and advertising, these are the areas in which M23 Studio operates. With a vast portfolio, M23 mirrors Aloísio’s aesthetics and work quality. Adaptable, M23 believes that only team work (now balanced and consistent) produces the best results. Aloísio is always available and willing to listen, his studio at Travessa do Covelo is open to all those who share his work philosophy – quality and creativity.