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Artists and illustrators, Júlio Dolbeth and Rui Vitorino Santos used to exhibit their work regularly in Porto, but struggled to find spaces to do so. When friends they had in common bought a building right in the heart of the city, opening a gallery was a no-brainer.  Together with Lígia Guedes, in 2008, they opened the first illustration and drawing gallery in Porto, Dama Aflita. The curatorship of the space is the reason why it stands out, helping to burn both its name and the art work showcased in people’s memories.  


Just as with everything they do, the narrative behind the concept is essential to them.  It is also their illustration core concept, and they explore the ‘damsel in distress’ story to its fullest - in a nutshell, the founders have found the message they want to pass on clients and visitors. Today they are a city reference, but the work showcased is on sale not only at the gallery, which is definitely worth visiting, but also online, with an ever greater and more diversified audience. ‘Veni, vedi, vici’.