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Ana Luandina had just come back from Angola and Paula Lopes had decided to change her life - a departure from a decade working in photography and web design - when they met for drinks. They would never have imagined that that night and what they thought was just fun and games would lead them to establish one of the most applauded lodging and restoration spaces in town. Miss’Opo is a little Miss I miss you, charismatic and special, a by-product of the merge of two very different lifestyles, combining the art of hospitality and the love for food.

Miss’Opo is more than just a Guest House that promotes the relationship between its guests and the people, spaces and dynamic of the city. It is, simultaneously, a cultural tourism project promoting its own route, an intimate restaurant where the menu is decided minutes before dinner time and where every object tells a story and a space that is an open invitation. All this encapsulated in a laid back, almost impromptu atmosphere, one that aims at combining contemporary movement and city nostalgia. After all, ‘why make a fuss about life? eat, drink, dance, jump, sleep…well, just enjoy it!’