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Ayres Bespoke Tailor is the name of the atelier where the good-natured tailor Ayres Gonçalo draws suits that fit his clients’ lifestyles. The atelier, located in the center of Porto, is only familiar to the former customers of his grandfather Ayres Carneiro da Silva, one of the most famous tailors of Porto, and to the new customers of his grandson, who are mostly foreigners. In this atelier, Ayres offers a customized service, starting with the suits, shirts, and, more recently, footwear to complete the Bespoke suit.

Drawn with chalk and hand-stitched, these suits are unique and meet any level of detail that the client may require. His brand style distinguishes his service whose target audience are men, between 30 and 80 years, who value excellence and exclusivity. By appointment only, Ayres Gonçalo promises precisely that.