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They met in Barcelona, when studying, but only came across each other professionally years later. While Francisco’s love for image, colour and movement is a by-product of his degree in Cinema, Filipe’s need for creativity manifested itself early on, and that’s why he dropped Computer Engineering for Design and Typography. Having met again a few years into their work in the Design area and wanting to grow, evolve, go bigger and better, they decided to have a go at a project of their own. ‘Epiforma’ means ‘overpowering form’ through a strong, different from everything already known, conceptual basis.

Launched as a ‘hyper conceptual, almost utopic’ project, Epiforma is an experimental narrative that stems from the imagination and the combination of the experiences of the two designers.  Balanced on the coming together of the personal and the professional, passion and challenge, this new design studio is on a mission to tell stories and surprise with new views within the world of graphic and product design.