scar-id store

The scar-id store is a space where design invites you to touch and feel pieces and products you normally cannot find in more commercial spaces. Known for its curatorship of pieces originating from areas as diverse as fashion, jewellery, furniture and ceramics, this shop also operates as an incubator for new talents, showcasing their talent in the national market and mentoring it towards internationalization.Located in Rosário Street, in the epicentre of the art district, scar-id’s identity consists in collaborating with the artistic community, something that enables a more effective communication with the public and which provides the feedback that spurs its evolution.

It all began with scar-id – furniture and accessories brand by Sílvia Pinto Costa, plastic artist and photographer, and André Ramos, architect and interior designer. While trying to commercialize their pieces in national shops, the young creatives came across a market failure to which they responded with the set-up of this concept store. A grocery shop from the 50’s was made over and a gallery came in its place, with windows that illuminate and showcase the space and the products in it, and where shades of black, grey and white clash with the colours and textures of the pieces by, for instance, Carla Pontes, Carlos Couto and Ricardo Andrez.