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    Travessa do Covelo, 203 SL11 4200-243 Oporto Portugal

Nelson Vieira is the name of the fashion stylist and creative director, and it is also the name of this Porto genius’s business. His work is a reflection of his personality, who finds identification and inspiration in Porto. The somber and nostalgic side of this famous city and even its lifestyles translate into a minimalistic and monochrome style that defines its language. The boldest brands see a more alternative and emerging vision for the aesthetic they seek in Nelson.

This line of work has been recognized by the fashion industry. Names such as Ralph Vaessen, Mimata, Pedro Pedro, Axe, Eureka shoes, Daniela Barros, Wrong Weather, Ricardo Andrez, Mariana Morgado, Senhor Prudencio and V! TOR are already Nelson Vieira’s clients. Headquartered in Porto, Nelson ensures a bold result.