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Right where the sounds that characterize Mercado do Bolhão live and the city center sizzles - that’s where we find the bordeuax door to the small, almost ‘tiny’, design studio White Studio. It is where Eduardo Aires, founder and creative designer works with a small team made up by Ana Simões, Óscar Maia and some occasional collaborators. Its small scale does not, however, limit this multidisciplinary design studio, often acclaimed and internationally awarded. 

The name says it all. Concept work, innocuous design. The secret is to allow the client to shine, ‘because when they shine, the studio, in its turn, shines even more’. From corporate image design to packaging development and interior design, White Studio boasts a strong client portfolio, among which we find ‘Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian’, the wine brand ‘Esporão’, ‘CTT’ and the new city brand – ‘Porto.’. To Eduardo Aires, ‘Porto – a city with a lot of attitude and character – defines itself’, in an element that synthesizes the city visually. To decode the logo, ‘Porto Ponto’ is a magnet around which a mesh of different narratives are built, one which allows the construction of a story that embodies each individual, personal Porto. The acclaimed studio does not shut its doors to the world, though. A new office in Santiago, Chile, and partners in London and Paris, are a promise to break boundaries.