Eureka Shoes

Eureka Shoes is a concept store where shoes are seen as works of art. Aiming at the fashion consumers who are looking for uniqueness, quality and exclusivity on their feet, this footwear brand stands outs with a strong concept that seamlessly combines design, production and  sales point. 

Founded in 1986, Alberto Sousa Lda - the company that holds the brand - is one of the largest national footwear companies and a reference in the high-end casual and formal segment.  In 2009 ‘new blood’ at the helm of creative direction goaded the company into launching a network of stores in its own name. Eureka Shoes stores are to be found in twenty-nine different points of sale in Portugal , one in Luxembourg  and also online. Besides their own brands, - Mr. Sousa, Miss Julia, Filipe Sousa and the Eureka Concept Collection - its portfolio promotes national talent by establishing collaborations with names such as Luís Carvalho, Senhor Prudêncio, Marques’Almeida, LIDIJA Kolovrat, Ricardo Andrez  and Nuno Gama.