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Gur is a contemporary design brand that has reinvented traditional portuguese rag rugs. Set up in 2013 under the creative leadership of Célia Esteves, it invites illustrators and artists to ‘print’ their work in the form of manual weaving. Gur rugs come to life in the looms of a traditional workshop in Viana do Castelo, in the north of Portugal, at the hands of the experienced weaver Cláudia Vilas Boas. The result? Fun art pieces, manually produced in limited editions.

The first Gur piece came to be when Célia Esteves took part in an exhibit that bridged young designers and artisanal techniques. The result ended up being so promising that the designer decided to share it with some friend illustrators, inviting them to create a piece of their own. The project has never stopped growing since, and among more than 50 collaborations we can find names such as José Cardoso, Júlio Dolbeth, André da Loba, António Gonzalez and Nicolas Burrows.