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senhorPRUDÊNCIO was the name of João Pedro Filipe’s grandfather, a shoemaker of the '50s. Today, it is the name of the shoe brand 100% “Made in Portugal”, targeted towards the male public. The brand was launched in 2012, during the London Fashion Week, with the support of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture - Fashion Hub. senhorPRUDÊNCIO presents a new alternative to the male world with avant-garde footwear and accessories for the twenty-first century dandy. Inspired by classic styles and by the history of racing cars, this designer incorporates the modern silhouette with a sleek and streamlined design in the senhorPRUDÊNCIO collections. The brand aims to be the personification of a Portuguese shoemaker of the '50s in the age of communication and branding. Similarly, the senhorPRUDÊNCIO product line is intended to be timeless. Thus, each pair of shoes is packaged in a wooden box for the customer to preserve it. Markets like England, Brazil and Asia are being explored by this Portuguese brand. This designer shoemaker is leaving his footprint in the world.