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Alcino Silversmith is a century-old business that works silver with passion, making creativity and tradition their main stake. Renowned for their know-how, quality and exclusivity - for six generations now - the brand approaches the future wielding talent and design. With each new piece taking shape in the hands of experienced master silversmiths, Alcino tells a story, inspires and awakens the imaginary of an increasingly international public.

Located in Campo 24 de Agosto, right in the city centre, Alcino Silversmith’s factory is the birthplace of its silver treasures. This is where- to the sound of its artisans working the pieces with coordinate, precise movements - decorative pieces, tableware, jewellery, sacred art pieces and other author projects come to life. Boasting their own, specialised production means, Alcino has both the means and the creative freedom necessary when materialising the most demanding requests. A selection of their manufactured pieces is on display and can be purchased at Hotel Intercontinental Porto - Palácio das Cardosas.