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A fruit of her ambition to catapult Porto to a higher level in window dressing and visual merchandising, Regina Pinheiro Studio is renowned for designing some of the most stunning shop windows in the city. The approach is disruptive and highly focused on the product to showcase - it stands out for being able to successfully ‘marry’ popular taste and contemporary design and art.

Its team is visionary and multidisciplinary, and it aims at achieving balance between commercial and artistic elements, in order to develop innovative aesthetic solutions that are tailored and reflect the imaginary of each of their clients. Regina Pinheiro Studio specialises in less explored areas of window dressing such as jewellery, footwear, haberdashery, eyewear and stationery, and has quite a reputed and faithful client portfolio, among which we can find Eugénio Campos, Alcino Silversmith, Me Allegro and the ‘new kid in town’, Daily Day.