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Joana Rocha is the daughter of architects and the granddaughter of an architect, painter and sculptor, therefore, art has always been a part of her life. Her paternal grandparents’ ceramics factory and her father’s and grandfather’s ateliers, always busy and taking on projects, were the drive  behind her choice of graphic design as a career. As for Pedro Motta, ‘it all clicked’ when, in the 11th grade, in the Arts workshop, he tapped into his love for the field when developing a corporate image and the corresponding stationary. The Studio Waba came to be - in Lisbon, in 2012 - when they met and put their talent and creativity at work.   

‘We Are BadAss’ is the motto that names these ‘creativity renegades’’ project. And because their approach to work is honest, intelligent and timeless, in 2015 they moved to Porto, a city where small scale studio designs do better in the market and where they operate closer to the industry. The studio specializes in branding and editorial design, and when something is not perfect, the idea is scratched so that a new one takes its place. This is how assertive their work process is. Often, also in transversal projects, Joana and Pedro ‘marry’ their expertise with architecture, interior design, web programming, interaction design and copywriting. Marques Soares, Fly London and Museus de Santos Tirso are some of the names to be found in their portfolio.