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    Avenida 31 de Janeiro, 177 Braga


Eleuterio is a luxury segment brand for the millennial woman which meets the quality, authenticity and excellence criteria of high jewellery. It has been a reference in the design process of filigree gold pieces for 90 years, but its strong investment in design is what makes it such a distinctive brand. With a disruptive approach and a renewed image that marries tradition and contemporaneity, the brand is about to surprise the international market and win over new consumer generations.

Eleuterio’s strategy is trifold: it relies on the thoroughness of experienced artisans, on innovation through design and on a highly professional network of international agents. Because it does not want to limit the technique of filigree manufacturing to the aesthetic concept it is traditionally associated to,  it combines the ancestral know-how of master goldsmiths and the talent of renowned national designers, whose creative audacity prove them able to ‘read’ and captivate today’s consumers.