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    R.Oliveira Figueiredo. Nº 182 São João da Madeira

Carlos Santos’s passion for the shoe industry blossomed when he was 14, when he started working at Zarco, a company in S. João da Madeira which he eventually came to lead. The homonymous brand of the now administrator was, therefore, the result of the love and devotion he has always had for the world of shoes. To this day, Carlos Santos promotes a close relationship with both products and his collaborators, making a point of checking every single pair of shoe before they leave ‘home’.

At the very core of the business is the quality of the raw materials used (essentially Italian and French leathers, as well as certified exotic skins), its distinctive classic and timeless design and the handmade construction of its shoes. Carlos Santos Shoes is internationally renowned for producing extremely elegant shoes, which range from classic models to casual and sporty ones. The luxury brand draws inspiration from the contemporary man’s lifestyle – one who is fashion aware, who pays attention to details and seeks exclusiveness - to design shoes that can be worn both at a business meeting and on a leisurely walk somewhere in a world capital city.  Besides being available at the online shop, Carlos Santos´s shoes can be found in cities such as New York, S. Paulo, Milan, London, Brussels, Korea, Tokyo or, in Portugal, at  Marques Soares.