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    R. Capela Lagoa 463, 4420-402 Gondomar

Silverware is passed on from generation to generation, there is history in its pieces, and they have stories to tell. Just like Topázio. It was founded in 1874 by Manuel Ferreira Marques, and 4 generations and 140 years later, it is the largest company in the silverware business in Portugal, and one of the biggest in the European market. It specializes in tableware and decorative pieces, either in silver or silver coated. The heir of a vast design collection, it also boasts a vast mould catalogue, as well as a personalised service that meets every client’s needs. 

Through a strategy that strongly  invests in design, in the development of the personal items segment and in the offer of customised services, the centennial brand has been able to reinvent itself and  reiterate its notoriety, adapting their production skills to new  market needs. International recognition has enabled Topázio to bounce back and prove its worth in a market that does not tend to grow. It aims at continued growth, with reliability, quality and continuity as their signature, just like it has always been.