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There’s a gallery in the Art District that curious minds are unable to overlook. Devoted to promoting marginal arts, Cruzes Canhoto unravels a surprising universe of magic, myth and fantasy right in the heart of the city. It is a one of the kind type of shop in the Iberian Peninsula, where tribal, popular and ‘brute art’, vibrant colours and gnarly shapes mix and diverge, creating powerful aesthetic emotions.  

Made up by José Carlos Soares, Nuno Marques and Joana Soares, the Cruzes Canhoto collective has swept the popular imaginary for much more than a name for their project. Manifestations of the holy and the profane, tribal objects used in religious rituals and other rare and genuine creations are just some of the examples of what there is to be found here. Names such as Júlia Ramalho, Júlia Côta and Joaquim Paiva stand out.