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Exotic, colourful hats in all sorts of shapes and from different origins take on the leading part at the  Hats and C.A.T.S  shop. Following Lobo Taste, this is the second concept store in Porto boasting Paulo Lobo’s signature, the iconic curator and interior designer behind renowned restauration projects such as Cafeína,  Twins or the recently opened Oficina.

Located at Ribeira do Porto and with its back to the river Douro,  Hats and C.A.T.S. is not a conventional hat store. C.A.T.S. is the abbreviation for Cosmopolitan Articles Tradition and Simplicity, a representation of the fact that each of the objects on display embody both know-how and creativity. Besides a range of irreverent hats, one can also find scarves, lamps and a varitey of decorative pieces.  Hats and C.A.T.S  is a mandatory stop, an experience that will take you all around the world, on a surprising trip to the heart of traditions and stories.