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Born into business owner families, it came as no surprise when, in 2014, Paula Paiva, business manager, and Joana Carvalho, marketing and advertising designer, joined forces, ambition and know-how and created a jewellery brand that marries timeless minimalist design and current trends. Inspired by Porto’s architecture and fuelled by the city’s mind-blowing growth, NUUK designs for men and women who share the brand’s modern, urban aesthetics. Part of the Portuguese Jewellery Newborn designer platform, the brand’s main goal is to promote their differentiating, ‘made in Portugal’ design internationally.

And they are well on their way: it was a small step from their first urban local fairs attendances to having caught the eye of international consumers. Today,  NUUK’s main markets are the USA, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Japan, Russia  and Australia, and the brand is preparing to expand and market their pieces - locally handmade by two artisan masters - to other Asian countries. In Portugal, NUUK’s pieces can be bought at Cusq, The Feeting Room, Loja de Serralves, BOX32 and Almada 13. From 2017 they will also be available at the brand’s atelier / showroom which will open  at the District Offices and Lifestyle building in Batalha.