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When we first come across Wolf & Rita, it is just like taking a trip to an enchanted world, where everything is thought down to the very last detail. Each collection introduces us to a new story and the contagious energy of its budding characters. The idea of launching a children’s fashion brand was fruit of the creative vision of two sisters, Cláudia and Sónia Rocha, and an ‘add- on’ to the more ‘classic’ work they develop for the family business’s private label in Guimarães.

Design and production are 100% Portuguese, however, Wolf & Rita thinks locally but ‘speaks’ globally, having Japan, South Korea and USA as its main markets. The brand aims at ‘designing children’s clothes that are not childlike’, inspiration comes from visual arts and street style in big, cosmopolitan cities, and the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s are strong references. In Portugal, the brand can be found at Daily Day and Wee Charlotte, in Porto, and at Loja Dada, in Lisbon.