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When she began her studies in Fashion/Apparel Design, Inês Caleiro designed jewellery, bags and hats with the same passion and intensity with which she designed shoes. In 2006, however, her tutor encouraged her to accept the challenge to design a shoe collection as a final course project – a decision that would forever change her life. Not only because, that very year, she was presented with the Best Student Award by the London College of Fashion, but also, and most importantly, because the recognition her talent gathered got her an invitation to work at the iconic Jimmy Choo – an experience that made it possible for her to learn about  everything that makes a great brand.

In 2011, wanting to explore the market with creative freedom, she returned to Portugal and created her own brand, which she named after her favourite fruit. Guava - as a synonym for something rare and unique, just like her irresistible architectural shoes with geometric lines. Production takes place in São João da Madeira, Portugal, but Guava’s main consumers are to be found in the USA and the UK: women who are passionate about art, design and architecture, women who are on trend but also on the look for distinctive products. For now, Inês Caleiro’s shoes can be bought online, but they will soon be available at the brand’s showroom at the District Offices and Lifestyle, in Porto.