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    Rua do Outeirinho no50, 4760-560 Vila Nova de Famalicão


The Âme Moi story is one that features art, exclusivity and tradition. When Margarida Jácome decided to create an accessories luxury brand, Alberto Gomes endorsed the idea. And together, they made the decision that the starting point would be the use of horsehair - explained by their bond with the equestrian world, as both have children that are competitive horseback riders. The odds were in their favour, and in just under three years, the Portuguese brand has made it to the Milan Fashion Week and to the stands of the iconic Selfridges and Harrods department stores.

In English, Âme Moi means My Soul, an accurate reflection of the significance a bag has in the female universe. ‘A bag mirrors a woman’s soul, its uniqueness and exclusivity’, explain Margarida and Alberto. And that is why all their bags come to life bearing a name and a personality of their own, a story, a detail that makes them unique within a collection. In common, all they have is their ‘made in Portugal’ label - Âme Moi makes a point of drawing attention to their origin and their tie to the Portuguese culture. ‘Portugal, especially the northern part of the country, is renowned for the quality of its manufactured goods, and, in our case, artisans are the heart of the brand, it is their dedication and savoir faire that has allowed Âme Moi to expand worldwide.’