Early Made


If we translate ‘Cedofeita’ into English, the resulting definition is ‘the most recent concept store in Porto: Early Made'. A space devoted to fashion and lifestyle which is also an artistic platform, as it ‘lives’ in Rua do Rosário, 23,  right in the heart of the art district. Garments, books, magazines and vintage/author furniture have contemporaneity and the ‘made in Portugal’ label as common ground. They bring the space – with an industrial atmosphere and nordic inspo traits - to life.

Patrícia and Emanuel Sousa are the creative duo responsible for the curatorship of brands and artists showcased at Early Made. They are already household names in Porto, having been responsible for projects such as Rosa et Al Townhouse and the Bed & Brunch Collection brand. Now the multidisciplinary space has news in store: it is adding to the city’s art programme by opening its two studios, Whitebox e Blackbox. Coming soon, don’t miss it!