There is a new, mysterious ‘dark club’ in town. On very close observation, their members can be made out by the ­­­­subtle ‘D’ engraved on the inside of the arm of the sunglassses they wear daily. A subtle detail, which presents us with the rules for those aiming at being part of this selective group: 1 – To value our industry’s excellence and the craftmanship of our artisans; 2- To have a love for classic, striking, timeless design; 3 – To own Darkside eyewear.

Carolina Oliveira and Mário Gomes are the founders of this secret club. Two experts that know the market like no one else. And who, after having acquired vast experience as eyewear brands retailers, joined forces to devote themselves to working a market niche: consumers who buy conscientiously, and who believe in buying less and better. This is why personality, quality and timelessness is Darkside’s motto, positioning it as a unique brand. It designs exclusively for consumers looking for sophisticated, urban models, which are manually built to last and endure multiple seasons. To be found online, at Scar ID and at The Feeting Room.