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At Wolf & Son, fathers walk side by side with their sons, sharing not only their life journey, but also their shoes. A unique concept in the market, one that gains significance when we are in the know about the story behind the brand. In 2013, Cristiano Lopes decided take advantage of the know-how and experience he had access to – a legacy stemming from his family shoe factory – to launch his own insignia. Paying homage to his origins, the founder took inspiration from his family name when naming Wolf & Son: ‘Lopes’ means ‘son of the wolf’. This is also an iconic animal in the male imaginary, one that represents social character and strong sense of family.

With a fresh colour palette as a starting point, Wolf & Son reinvents  iconic male footwear models, presenting new versions that tap into both the infantile and masculine universes. Its quality, clean and timeless character, as well as its oldschool feeling have made the brand an international reference  and garnered the attention of Monocle and the NY Post. Despite its strikingly masculine lines, Wolf & Son has always been sought after by female consumers, which is why its creative team has decided their newest collection would include unisex options .  All models are available at the online store and at concept stores such as Daily Day, The Feeting Room (Lóios and Chiado) and Minty Square.