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Filipe Duarte and Joana Campos Silva have never thought of the wolf, an iconic character holding a very special place in the imaginary of children’s tales, as a mischievous villain. Instead, they have always thought it had a somewhat singular, striking and contagious personality. Just like The Red Wolf, a brand which is now a fixture on the walls of the main Portuguese concept stores, as well as in houses all over the world. If you are not ‘in the know’, have a look at its online shop or stop by the The Feeting Room, Wise or Mercado 48.

The project, a joint venture between the graphic and multimedia designer and the fashion specialist in strategy and brand development, started off quite unambitiously when, in 2016, the creative duo came up with the first illustrations, which they displayed at home. Positive feedback from close friends made them realise they were on to something and that they should test the brand to see how it would perform commercially. A very wise decision, as the vibrant colour palette and fluid lines were immediately embraced by consumers. Based in Porto but with a global mindset, the brand promises to keep us on our toes with the launch of new products (Spoiler Alert: there’s more than just new illustrations in store!).