La Paz

Walking down one of the most traditional of all the narrow, twisting alleyways in Ribeira, we suddenly find ourselves in the warm space of La Paz. The menswear brand takes inspiration from the Atlantic, Portuguese tradition and our forefather’s attire, and its challenge is to reinvent classic menswear iterations, based on the curatorship of high-quality materials and working with the best artisans in the trade, as well as the best local producers. The result? Simple design pieces, robust and timeless, with shades of blue, orange, yellow and aqua colours transversally used throughout the different seasons.

With a breath-taking view over the River Douro, this is also where José Miguel de Abreu and André Bastos Teixeira -childhood friends and La Paz founders - spend most of their days, in the company of magazines and books which tell them stories about the sea. Although they hold their local business and small scale production status close to the heart, they have launched anchor and found safe port in countries such as England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Korea and Japan. In Portugal, besides their flagship store, one can find their designs in selected stores such as A Vida Portuguesa and Slou in Lisbon, and at Daily Day in Porto.