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UR stands for ‘Usado Reciclado’, a reference alternative shop in Porto. Besides the UR brand itself, which takes inspiration from the retro-vintage aesthetic, the UR store curates unique second-hand pieces that are representative of the fashion milestones from the 80’s and 90’s. And then there is the cherry on top of the cake - the customized client service.

Located in Rua do Bonjardim, the UR project was the fruit of its founder’s passion for mixing trendy pieces with exclusive vintage pieces. When it transitioned from an online store to a physical space in 2014, both the store and the atelier where the URbrand pieces are designed and produced were housed in the same building. Senra, the founder, who also collaborates with other design and up-cycling projects, has disclosed there is more to come soon, including the grand opening of an outdoor terrace and garden, where visitors will be able to sit back and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, right in the heart of the city centre.